Always stronghold in the artisan district of Valenza, and not only, Demartini has a long experience in the luxury market both national and international.

Important and worthy of note is the partnership that Ernesto Demartini had with “Scuola di Arte Sacra Beato Angelico" in Milan, specialized in design and creation of sacred objects.

Papa Paolo VIErnesto Demartini helped to bring the latest Tiara of the history in Pontificate of Rome: The Popes, at least to Paul VI, were "crowned" with the Tiara, a sort of crown with three circles that means the spiritual and temporal power of the Christ’s Vicar , Rector of the Orbe.

The last Tiara was designed and built in 1963 for Giovanni Battista Montini (Paul VI): This was a completely new Tiara’s style aerodynamic, bearing in mind the space shuttle era and booster rockets, space ships that shocked viewers around the world for innovation and beauty.

Later, Pope Paul VI, abolished the use it and that same Tiara were sold and bought by Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman, archbishopof in New York, that destineted the proceeds for the African missions.

But the partnership of Ernesto Demartini with Giovanni Battista Montini, begins even before his pontificate: the company Demartini made a ring when he was still a Cardinal in Milan.

Now Demartini continues the tradition with the same professionality and with the same proven experience in the luxury business since 50 years.

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Demartini realizes jewelry start from draft special requests of the customer at work prices.

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